RGB chasing diffuse tiny led halo ring led angel eyes for car headlights

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Our RGB chasing diffuse tiny led halo ring can change your vehicle’s headlight unique and more pretty anytime and anywhere. We use special led for the halos. It is diffuser and more brighter. This milky white glue makes the surface of the halo rings smooth and full .The most important that we have some protection technology for the LED,so our halos and lights defective rate are much lower. The halos are available in RGBW flow and can be used in your headlights as well as taillights or wherever your ideas take it. With our flow series LED lights, you can have chasing colors that circle around your halos for an upgraded and eye catching look for your headlights You also have the option to get a matching LED Fog Light Halos. Whichever LED you choose, you can control your halos and fog light halos at the same time to have matching LED patterns. Give your car the full upgrade with the additional fog light halo option.1.Baead 2023 diffuser tiny led halo ring led angel eyes for car accessories 2.Material:Coated by a diffusing gel+PCB board 3.LED chip: SK6812 4.Sizes available: 50mm-180mm 5.Colors Includes: Multi-color +pure white 6.Package :2 x milky halo rings +controller with driver* DC12V power supply * Customizable DRl and indicator function for the halo rings * It can add start up sequence for the halo rings * Milky coating diffuse * Phone controlled via bluetoothAvailable for Android/Apple: 1.Scan the QR code on the controller to install the APP 2.Connect the aperture to the 12V power supply 3.Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and APP (iOS & Android mobile phone allows new connections) 4. Wait for 10 seconds to automatically connect to useIf you are installing these in headlights or tail lights, professional installation is strongly recommended. All Baead products are backed by a 1-year replacement warranty.1.Tiny led Halo Rings can be used as daytime running lights, turn signal lights, headlights, fog lights, speaker decorative lights etc. And fit for Slight shot,ATV,Jeep,Truck ,sports car, commercial vehicle etc. Professional design, featuring high accuracy, stable performance and high reliability.

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